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Ask me 30 questions, I will tell you no lies

12688222_774833039314768_3611777740193522448_nLife can be challanging. Sometimes  you really just need to go to your Happy Place and meet your girl for an adult beverage. In this scenario my “Happy Place” is  Pearl’s Roof Top  and my girl is the amazing Ada Polla. The next hour would indeed be a happy hour, my face hurt from smiling. This is a lady who is fast becoming my idol not because of her success ( although ma is on point !) but because of her kindness. I am grateful for her encouragement and the gift of her time. I admire this woman for so many reasons, I’m honored to be featured on her blog Adamant About Beauty

Someone’s time is the most valuable gift anyone can give you. I truly cheerish the encouragemnt I have been getting from Ada and from all of you. Being in front of the camera has always been my dream. I ain’t gonna lie , It’s a dream that is not for quitters.  Four years ago I faced the reality that having a back up plan isn’t giving up on your dream, It’s giving yourself the security to have a bigger dream.  It took a chance on myself and in the process learned how to run a bussiness and still not give up on being an actor. Praise from someone like Ada makes me feel like I’m on the right track and that my sacrifice and the patience from my amazing  agents  that didn’t drop me when I was going through my growing pains, was not in vain.  Learning to balance these two passions that both demand 100% is empowering.  I am so blessed for these opportunities and the encouragement to evolve as a person and also expand “my brand” through writing and being Brand Ambassador for  Stript Wax Bar Los Angeles


Adamant About Beauty  “Get to know brand ambassador and actress Rachel Sterling





4 Responses to Ask me 30 questions, I will tell you no lies

  1. Rob Johnston says:

    Cool photo.

  2. Hunter says:

    What was your favorite part of the dance sequence in Wedding Crashers? Are there anymore special features of you in Wedding Crashers?

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