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Breast Cancer Awareness – The Susan G. Komen Benefit

Breast Cancer Awareness

The Susan G. Komen Benefit

Today I was asked to walk in this show  to benefit Susan G Komen.

I can not express enough how extremely important early detection and screening is. Early detection is key. I say this not only to women, but to MEN as well. Women are not the only ones at risk. In the. U.S., about one percent of all breast cancer cases occur in men. In 2013, it is estimated that among men in the U.S. be

* 2,240 new cases of invasive breast cancer

*410 Breast cancer deaths

This is just the statistics for the United States, it’s a big world out there!

Please be aware and live longer


The Susan G Komen Benefit


For more information please visit www.Komen.Org








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