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Ask me 30 questions, I will tell you no lies

Life can be challanging. Sometimes  you really just need to go to your Happy Place and meet your girl for an adult beverage. In this scenario my "Happy Place" is  Pearl's Roof Top  and my girl is the amazing Ada Polla. The next hour would indeed be a happy hour, ...

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It’s Called a Vagina

                                             Image: Kaelan Barowsky For the love of Gucci gals: it's a VAGINA !!!!!! Everyone has that one reference to genitalia that makes their skin crawl. To be honest I don't ...

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Lets Get Physical

Lets Get Physical LOVE Richard Simmons ! My mom used to watch his tv show. As a grown up I used to live next to him in the hills. He is a wonderful man full of love, and he goes out of his way to inspire. I'm lucky enough to finagle ...

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How Do You Cope With Stress?

How Do You Cope With Stress? Stress is one of those things that can make you rise to the occasion or makes you crazy. Today was a day that just kinda makes you wanna sit as still as possible because you aren't sure what weird thing could possibly happen next. Today I ...

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