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Cross My Heart Hope to Die “Two Shots”

cross my heart hope to dies two shots

Have you ever loved doing something so much that you would travel 3 hours in the rain and wake up at 5am the following morning just to do it? I’m sure you have… Welcome to acting!, We do it because we love it, we do it because of the way it makes us feel when we are in the moments, It can be very confronting and at times personal but who doesn’t like a challenge within. So when Director Andrew Melby sent the treatment and song to this new project, Rain or Shine, I wanted in!!!


On a rare rainy Californian night my partner in crime and I set out on the adventure down to San Diego to a place that is my heart, La Jolla CA. I went to high school there and spent many of my summer adolescent days at the Cove. To this day it is one of my favourite places to just have stillness. So many memories here that always brings a smile to my face.

cross my heart hope to dies two shots2Waking up at 5am was all worth it when I pulled up to set. Our location was a gorgeous Spanish Colonial mansion with endless ocean views and a lot of attention to detail throughout. As you know the devil is on the details. I automatically fell madly in love with the place and all it’s haunting beauty, along with the rain it made for a perfect stage to bring this  character to life.

This was my amazing view and the story that we were about to tell would require this moment of beautiful gloomy  solitude. My make up artist Lizzy caught me morphing !
Playing a femme fatale is always amazing but for me delving into the storyline and connecting with her rage, despair and even the resolve of her situation verses just playing up her sexuality. I can be sexy any old day and have had the pleasure doing so on many projects before hand, Playboy, Pussy Cat Dolls and basically anything I’ve played on Comedy Central. Today I felt like I portrayed energy that had been trapped in a bottle. And it was awesome !


cross my heart hope to dies two shots3Dress courtesy of Laundry by Shelly Segal , Ram choker courtesy of Melody Ehsani. Make up by Lizzy Polanco

I would have to say a highlight from the day was working with Cross My Heart Hope To Die vocalist Brevi . She is a creature of magic, I’m sure of it. The amount of energy I got to feed off of was intense and endless. A huge thank you to DJ Muggs for trusting me to play this part and hiring the best director and crew. On a final note I now know I’m capable of laughing myself silly in between serious takes.


Can’t wait to get this on vinyl!!!

Cross My Heart Hope To Die!


Xoxo ,




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