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Happy 2016 and all that jazz

Image: Aaron Nardi for Varla Magazine


Its 2016, Are you where you thought you would be ? New Years Eve came and went and all of those that made New Years resolutions are either making moves or making excuses.

Why do we even make New Years resolutions anyway and why do we usually involve superficial things like losing weight?


Blame it on the Babylonians!!! The making of promises to the Gods in hopes to earn their favor goes way back , like 4,000 years back. The Babylonians new how to party! Originally the New Year was welcomed in with a 11 day festival in March, and then Julius Caesar got the awesome idea to have it January 1st. I personally would preferred March vs freezing in my stilettos in January…Just saying



As a rule I feel that you don’t need it to be NYE to make up your mind to be a better human but far be it for me to argue with tradition.

My 2016 to do list …

1. Have faith

2. Be present (I have a nasty habit of thinking the world will end if I don’t do 5 things at once)

3. Disconnect to reconnect (someone once told me “you can’t give what you don’t have”)

4. Love and be loved with out thinking the universe is gonna pull the rug out from under me. (This goes for people and my passions)

5. Try to take the words ” I can’t ” out of my vocabulary

Enjoy your year everyone!!! Don’t spend so much time overthinking life that you miss it.




“Don’t worry William, I’ve seen the future and this all works out reasonably well. ” – Beth from Denver (Almost Famous)

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