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Lets Get Physical

Rachel Sterling Richard Symonds -Lets Get Physical

Lets Get Physical

LOVE Richard Simmons ! My mom used to watch his tv show. As a grown up I used to live next to him in the hills. He is a wonderful man full of love, and he goes out of his way to inspire. I’m lucky enough to finagle a spot in his class once in awhile. It’s always packed so if you wanna take it come early. He goes out his way to make you feel special and shares stories and it’s really an amazing experience. He even stays after to take pictures and sign stuff until everyone in the line is gone.


Lets Get Physical with Richard Simmons


I happen to love love love disco.  The class I went to was really fun. Nothing like doing the hustle at 9 am

If you want to take this class, and by the way it’s an awesome birthday gift.. Here is the info

Richard Simmons Studio


9306 Civic Center Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Neighborhood: Beverly Hills


(310) 275-4663


One Response to Lets Get Physical

  1. rachel says:

    If Pauly Shore had a baby with Carrot Top it would look like Richard Simmons.

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