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Rachels LoveKrush Bikini’s


I Love My LoveKrush Bikini’s

Summer is my favorite time of year. I’m solar powered. If it’s over cast I get depressed.  Supposedly Summer is “over” here in California.  I refuse to accept this since its still bikini season ! In fact it is ALWAYS bikini season somewhere in the world.

This year was my first a year of actively chasing an endless summer.  I spent my birthday on a girls trip Cruise in Mexico. Piña Coladas and the most amazing friends I could ask for, it was a very happy birthday indeed. In case you’re wondering… Yes I sing the song whilst drinking my piña coladas 😉

Christmas and New Years it was off to Australia. It was so amazing and HOT!  I wanted to dig a whole in the sand and bury my passport 🙂

Then it was off to Cabo San Lucas , Mexico because … Well, why not !


Rachels Swimsuit Photos For LoveKush

Spring was a bit rainy, so Costa Rica seemed like the place to hide from all that. The best part is that it’s totally normal to just wear your bikini. My kind of place !! Volcanos , repelling down waterfalls, ATVs on the  beach, zip lining, hiking the rain forest, meeting Robert August and finding a scorpion under my suitcase made it was an adventure to remember.

Summer in Los Angeles was spent poolside and of course with weekend road trips to Malibu, San Diego, and Santa Barbara . But now it’s past Labor Day here in Hollywood and I’m supposed to go buy sweaters and not wear white 🙁

Good thing it’s almost Summer time in Australia again 😉 !


Checkout Rachels Swimsuit Photos For LoveKrush here



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