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My Shoot with Aaron Nardi


My Shoot with Aaron Nardi


The best part about shooting with close friends is that the chemistry to make magic is already there. Sometimes shoot days just don’t always go as scheduled. On this particular shoot day for Varla Entertainent Magazine the time gods were not on our side! This could have posed a problem , except when you have a photographer that got his start capturing moving targets such as bmx for a hobby. Shooting lil ol me must have been a piece of cake in comparison, I don’t move as fast.


Filmmaker, director and photographer Aaron Nardi got his start in photography shooting BMX as a hobby but after quickly selling a photo for 2 page ad he started taking it a lot more serious. Since then he has expanded into shooting all sports, fashion, lifestyle, and product for commercial and editorial use in print and online. As a creative contributor to a variety of print and online magazine and outlets providing media content (photo, video, written) including interviews, personal profiles, travel journals, POV stories and whatever else he finds interesting. Today he found me interesting.


Due to some serious expectations to multi task he only had less then an hour with me to shoot this set for Varla Magazine. When you’re a pro that’s all you need.






Photographer: Aaron Nardi
Varla Entertainment Magazine

7 Responses to My Shoot with Aaron Nardi

  1. Sean Harris says:

    I love these photos!!!

  2. Sean Harris says:

    Gorgeous photos! Love!

  3. Amy says:

    Wow!! Super HOT !!!!
    Can I get him to shoot me ??

  4. Anita says:

    Cute bikini!

  5. Larry says:

    What a heart throb!!

  6. Paul Cuzzupe says:

    you have always been my favorite

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